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Whiten Your Teeth with The Best Methods

Smile would allow living up to seven more years, according to a study by American researchers. No reason, in this case, to deprive oneself of it. However, many people are reluctant to reveal their teeth, complexed by their arrangement or their color. According to a poll conducted in September by OpinionWay for Regenerate, more than one in four French people say they do not smile because of their teeth. And for 62% of respondents, a beautiful “smile” goes through white teeth.

Aligning the alignment can be time-consuming and costly, but the color of the teeth can easily be improved. All without cracking his wallet. On the occasion of the World Smile Day, this Friday, October 5th, Christophe Lequart, dental surgeon and spokesperson of the French Union for Oral Health (UFSBD), tells us more about the different techniques of laundering.

Grandma’s recipes, discouraged “100%”

On the internet, grandmother’s remedies are popular. Lemon, baking soda, coconut oil … The benefits of these ingredients are in turn praised in video tutorials. But are all these recipes really safe? For Christophe Lequart this kind of treatment is “to be avoided 100%”. The specialist warns especially about the danger of lemon . “Of course, it provides instant whitening of teeth but it weakens the enamel, which is attacked by its acidity,” he says. Used at the same time as bicarbonate, which will scratch the protective surface of the tooth, it is the perfect combo to spoil your teeth. “You can use baking soda alone, but not on a regular basis, “says the dentist, once a week is enough.

Regarding coconut oil and turmeric , which is used by Farah Dhukai, famous YouTubeuse beauty native to South Asia, the spokesperson of the UFSBD remains dubitative. “There has never been a study on the whitening power of coconut oil, and since turmeric is a stinky food, I am quite surprised to hear that it could whiten teeth.”

Commercial products to use with caution

Many brands specializing in oral hygiene market their own products. Starting with whitening toothpastes , which contain among others in their composition silica and bicarbonate, two agents intended to scratch the surface of the teeth. “White booster”, “Whiteness 2 in 1”, “Diamond Glow” … Today, every major brand sells at least one reference for whitening teeth. Christophe Lequart, he does not advise toothpaste in particular. “They are generally of good quality, you only have to be careful because some of them are to be used only twice a week, at the risk of damaging their enamel, but when this is the case, this instruction is written on the screen. label, “he says.

Released in early 2017 and marketed at a price of € 14.90 in supermarkets, the White Now Touch pen allows you to whiten your teeth with a brushstroke. Like a make-up, this marker lays on the surface of the enamel a thin blue layer that illuminates the teeth for a day, thanks to the light reflected on it. If users seem unconvinced of the product, Christophe Lequart ensures that the use of this pen is safe for the teeth. “It’s a non-abrasive method, the effect is immediate, it does not damage the teeth and the product disappears at the end of the day.”

The whiteness kit “White Care” , which is highly recommended by the Asma Fares, guarantees a “professional dental whitening at home” but does not please the dentist. The box, which costs 99 euros, contains a whitening gel to apply in gutters that are to be affixed to the teeth. An LED lamp, to be placed in the mouth, is also provided. It is supposed to activate the gel components and speed up teeth whitening.

“Already, the effectiveness of LED has never been proven, he warns.Also, the bleaching agent in the gel, called hydrogen peroxide, can have serious consequences in case of dental problems. contact of the product, a decayed tooth can become mortified “. To avoid risk if you absolutely want to use this type of product, it is better to consult a dentist upstream.

The dental office, more expensive but more effective

If you want to give the brilliance of your teeth to a third person, two choices are available to you: the dental office or the smile bar. For Christophe Lequart, the latter option will provide you with little efficiency. These establishments, which offer benefits of approximately 50 to 100 euros, are entitled to use hydrogen peroxide at a concentration of 0.1% maximum, when dentists can go up to 6% in firm. “Moreover, the number of bars to smile has declined significantly in recent years.The proof that it does not work,” he says. According to him, the staff, which does not “even have the right to touch the customers’ mouths”, has no knowledge. And again the peroxide of

At the dentist, the most used treatment is the ambulatory technique. Invoiced between 300 and 500 euros, this bleaching is obtained by the application of a mouthguard containing a concentrated gel with hydrogen peroxide. This one is to wear all night or four hours a day for about two weeks. “A patient with very yellow teeth can get very white teeth, with a much more lasting effect than if he had been in a smiling bar,” says the dentist.

The faceting is much more expensive. You will need to pay 600 to 1000 euros per tooth to see a thin white film. “It’s a bit like a fake nail, but for teeth”. Not reimbursed by social security, they are paid by some mutuals. Be careful though, this technique is irreversible. The break of facets indeed requires the removal of a part of the enamel under local anesthesia.

Some tips to preserve the whiteness of your teeth

Whether you have ever had your teeth whitened, or not, the brilliance of your teeth is a matter of daily care. “In order not to have the tannin of tea settle on your teeth, for example, you have to think about drinking a glass of water afterwards.It’s a little like your mug, explains Christophe Lequart.If you do not rinse it after have finished your tea, it will remain stained. ” An electric toothbrush on the other hand would be much more effective in removing the deposit on your teeth. “For women, applying a very red lipstick gives the illusion of whiter teeth,” adds the dentist.

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