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Lose Weight Drinking Milkshakes

FOOD – Losing weight quickly and durably while eating milkshakes is possible. A professor of behavioral medicine at Oxford University conducted a study of 278 so-called obese people and his results would prove the effectiveness of such a program.

Tired of eating green salad and trying to ignore the cookie packs that sit in your closet? Put yourself on milkshakes! According to Paul Aveyard, a physician and professor of behavioral medicine at Oxford University, losing weight with a diet based on these drinks is much easier and faster than with a conventional diet. To reach these conclusions, he conducted a study, published on September 26 in the British Medical Journal and reported by the BBC, on 278 people with obesity. They then followed ten different diets to lose weight.
A very low protein diet and regular monitoring.

In this study, half of the people observed continued their usual diet, while the other led for eight weeks a diet Cambridge Weight Plan, based on milkshakes and protein bars with a maximum intake of 810 calories per day. By way of comparison, according to her age and activity, a woman needs about 1800 to 2300 calories a day and a man from 2100 to 3000.

The classic one-day menu was thus composed, as described by the BBC , of a blend of chocolate flavored skimmed milk mixed with soy protein (145 calories), a blend of skimmed milk flavored chicken and mushrooms also mixed with soy protein (138 calories), skimmed milk mixed with a seed porridge (149 calories) and a protein bar with milk and lemon-flavored soy milk, coated with yogurt (150 calories). Over the next four weeks, these people gradually reintroduced other foods. They also, every week for 24 weeks, consulted a counselor, says the professor in his study.

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Three times more pounds lost than with a classic diet.

At the end of one year, according to the results of this experiment, the people who had followed the Cambridge Weight Plan had lost on average 10.7 kilos, against 3.1 for those who continued their classic diet. Their blood pressure and cholesterol levels have also improved, while patients with type 2 diabetes have been able to drastically reduce their medication. According to Professor Paul Aveyard reported by the BBC , such efficiency comes from the fact that this type of program, quickly effective, stimulates the minds of people who follow him, unlike conventional regimes that can be “boring”.

And if, usually, rapid weight loss is synonymous with rapid recovery, this is not the case, says the doctor. For him, the program is “an effective intervention that doctors can recommend without problem, knowing that it allows for sustainable weight loss and reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes.”

These low-protein diets may be dangerous if not well followed. It is best to consult a doctor before embarking on such a program. In addition, they are especially suitable for people who want to lose a lot of weight and must be accompanied by sufficient physical activity and regular.

In France, 6.5 million people are considered obese, or 14.5% of the adult population. That’s almost twice as much as in 1997.

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